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HVAC Service Contracts: Hire a Full-Service Mechanical Contractor

Even the best equipment eventually breaks down. With a team of full-service mechanical contractors ready to help, LD Plumbing & Heating offers dependable maintenance for:

Natural gas, propane, oil, and electric systems
Underground and above ground oil tank installations and removals
Refrigeration service
Heat pump service and installations
Drain cleaning

Service Contracts that Suit Your Needs

A little bit of maintenance can save you a lot of money on future repairs or equipment replacements. LD Plumbing & Heating is pleased to offer annual and seasonal service contracts to residential, commercial and property management clients. We'll find a schedule that ensures your plumbing, air quality and HVAC needs are met, while still working within your budget. Contact us today for a consultation.

Drain & Sewers

Clogged drains and sewers can cause serious damage or flooding. You need an experienced plumbing team who will accurately assess the problem and quickly find a solution to unclog your drain or sewer.

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