Gas Fitting

Heating your home can account for up to 78% of your total energy costs. By switching to an energy-efficient natural gas heating system, you'll immediately notice the savings.

Our Red Seal qualified gas fitters each hold a valid BC Safety Authority Gas Contractor license, and are able to install everything from boilers and barbecues to complete home heating solutions.

We are a Fujitsu Elite dealer.



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Gas Fitting:

  • Stoves, cooktops and ranges

    For those home-cooked meals and treats

  • Boilers

    Keep that water hot

  • Furnaces

    For heating of the home

  • Fireplaces

    They look good and function

  • Barbecues

    For those who enjoy outside cooking

Gas fitting

Benefits of Natural Gas

In addition to the fantastic cost-savings, natural gas also has several key benefits for you to consider:

  • Heats faster than electrical or forced air heating
  • Provides your home with a cozy fireplace ambiance
  • Doesn't deplete your hot water, so you'll always have it when you need it
  • Offers the convenience of direct heat and temperature control when cooking

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