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Keep Your Home Cozy with a Fireplace from Ladysmith Plumbing & Heating

People have used fireplaces to heat their homes for thousands of years, and the technology has certainly come a very long way. LD Plumbing & Heating is your choice provider of gas and electric fireplaces, as well as wood and hobbit stoves. Call us today to have a certified installer add a fireplace to your home.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces add warmth and coziness to any property. Since they work independent of your home's electricity, they're also a reliable heating source in case of a power outage. LD Plumbing & Heating carries top industry brands, including Napoleon, Blaze King, Majestic, Osburn and Valcourt.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are east to install, so you can begin enjoying their warmth almost immediately. They're also very safe – simply plug them in and enjoy. Even better, you can enjoy an electric fireplace all year round, regardless of whether or not the heat is turned on. Electric fireplaces can also add a fantastic design element to your room, since they can be wall mounted or be installed traditionally.

Wood Stoves

Nothing beats the reliability of a wood stove. Advanced wood burning technology allows you to efficiently make the most out of your firewood or coal, while allowing for an extraordinary clean burn. You can also opt for additional cook top surfaces to add a touch of practicality to your space.

Hobbit Stoves

Small and compact, but very efficient, hobbit stoves are a multi-fuel home heating option that can burn both wood and coal. Hobbit stoves are clean-bringing, constructed out of high-quality cast iron and feature dust-free riddling. They're an ideal option for small rooms.


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