The Numerous Advantages of Natural Gas Fireplaces

Fireplaces can add a great deal of warmth and aesthetic appeal to any home. If you're trying to decide what kind of fireplace to get, then you should consider the advantages of a natural gas fireplace. The LD Plumbing & Heating team serving the Cowichian Valley is often contacted by homeowners who are interested in having a natural gas fireplace installed because:

- Natural gas fireplaces are attractive

There's no denying that natural gas fireplaces can be incredibly stylish and can really tie a living space together. At the same time, they can help your house look warmer and more inviting. Natural gas fireplaces come in a variety of different styles and designs, and you're sure to find one that works well in your home.

- Natural gas fireplaces have a constant heat supply

One of the most convenient aspects of a natural gas fireplace is that they have a constant supply of fuel. Unlike a log fireplace, there's no need to chop or haul any wood around in order to get a nice fire going.

- Natural gas fireplaces are clean

Another common reason why people call LD Plumbing & Heating for a natural gas fireplace installation is because these fireplaces are very clean and easy to maintain. There is no need to clean up any ashes, flyaway, or dangerous creosote buildup.

- Natural gas fireplaces are safe

Natural gas fireplaces are a lot safer than wood burning fireplaces, both for the environment and for the inhabitants of your home. As was mentioned above, they don't produce fly-aways which could cause a fire. They also don't produce any dangerous fumes or particles which could trigger any health conditions and compromise the air quality of your home. In some municipalities, there are incentives to replace your wood fireplace.

- Natural gas fireplaces can save you money

If you're looking for a more affordable and efficient way to heat your home, then a natural gas fireplace could be the answer. Not only can a natural gas fireplace effectively heat the room it's been installed in, but some units can even circulate the heat throughout your home. You may be looking at energy bill savings of as much as 25%. Energy efficient models are eligible for Fortis rebates.

- Natural gas fireplaces have a broad array of installation options

Wood-burning fireplaces have a number of specifications which need to be met in order for installation to go smoothly or to even be possible. Natural gas fireplaces, on the other hand, need minimal space and may not even require a traditional chimney.

Serving the Cowichian Valley, LD Plumbing & Heating employs technicians that are Red Seal Certified and highly experienced in installing quality fireplaces in Ladysmith. 

For any information about our products and services, or if you'd like to request an estimate for a fireplace installation, just get in touch with LD Plumbing & Heating today.

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